Dye Studio Adventures!

I’ve been dyeing a lot the past week, trying to get caught up on some long delayed projects!

First off, I’ve got to dye my web guru Mary a purple couch slipcover, so I started with dyeing some swatches:

I was trying to get close to that bottom piece of fabric, no go! So a couple more swatches:

Much better! I’ve got to wait for her to come over and see it in person – one does not want to trust a color for a couch to an iphone pictures!

Next, I indigo dyed a couple of shirts for my older son Liam. I obviously wiped my face during the process:

Not to worry, indigo, (unlike procion MX) comes of pretty easily!

And more importantly, Liam loves his shirts!!

Next up is navy curtains for my bedroom! I’m still loving dark blue, but don’t have the courage to try to indigo dye three huge linen panels and get the same color, so I’m using a Deep Navy procion MX dye here:

I’m using zip ties so I have some white stripes along the bottom third of the curtain. That shorter “snake” with lots of zip ties is a stripey quilt back. I can’t WAIT to see how these turn out!!!!


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    1. Me neither! I hate making curtains but hate the alternatives more! ? I’m trying to get them done while hubby’s away on a fishing trip, when he returns tomorrow we’re painting the living room, (towering walls, the high ceiling!) up the stairs and our bedroom. I know I’ll LOVE to have these ready to go as a reward once all the painting is done!