Studio Snapshots | A Patchwork Elephant for a Little Boy Who Loves Elmer!

Every once in awhile I see a stuffed animal pattern that makes me want to sew it, and I wait for the perfect opportunity to make it! Our Niece Flannery has 3 children, and I’ve made stuffed animals for the older ones.

Teigan’s squirrel and bunny a few years ago:

Lathan’s indigo whale last year (I made another one for my cousin’s daughter Lucy too):

This year, it’s Lincoln’s turn! I really like Abby Glassenberg’s Patchwork Elephant pattern, and when I sent a picture to my niece Flannery, she exclaimed how much their family liked “Elmer”, who is a patchwork elephant in a series of books about being your own person (which is awesome!). So although I was originally intending to skip the patchwork step and used some fun multicolor hand dyed fabrics to make Elmer spectacular in a whole new way, I knew that I HAD to make a patchwork panel of solid colors for this particular elephant!

So, I dug into my hand dyed solid-ish scraps:

and got to work ironing and then cutting out squares:

A couple hours later and I had this patchwork panel:


Which I then had to cut up…yes, that was hard!

Here’s his tail being braided!

I’ll show you the finished result soon!

2 Responses

  1. Candi,
    This was one of my granddaughters favorite books in kindergarten.
    Peace and blessings to you and your family as you move forward in life. Thank you for sharing your family with us as you show that we can do it with balance, planning, and support.
    Peace and Stitch,