A New Project for Hubby & Logan

Although my hubby is super busy, he’s always wanted an old car to fix up. Logan is 16 and working on his driver’s license, and loves building things. This has led to hubby casually looking for old VW Beetles for sale in Facebook marketplace recently, and last weekend he found just the right car about 15 miles away from us! It’s a ’68 Beetle that actually works, but needs work…lots of work! After confirming that the car wasn’t totally rusted out, the first order of business was to see if Logan actually fit behind the wheel:

Then, the owner took Andrew, with Liam and Logan in the back (!!!!) for a spin and got it up to 60 mph (the top speed this age VW Bug is supposed to get!). Andrew drove it back and I captured this little video:

Oh my goodness, seeing Andrew drive it, and just hearing the engine makes me giggle! (My parents and grandmother had Beetles when I was really young, so there’s a big nostalgia factor here!)

After Hubby and the owner settled on a price, we headed off for dim sum in Pasadena and took this crazy selfie:

The next day, hubby and Logan rented a trailer and brought it home:

After they got it off the trailer they took it for a little spin up and down the street:

Look at those smiles!

Before they brought it into the garage to begin working on it, I also took it for a spin around the block, it is SO FUN to drive!!! What a fun project this is going to be for Andrew and Logan!!!!! I’ll be sure to share updates every once in awhile!