Studio Snapshots | Quilting Thread Color for Prototype 3 of Cross Body Leather Strap Bag

I’ve got to make a couple final tweaks to my new bag pattern before I make 6-8 of them for my upcoming show (eek, only three more making weekends!), so I decided to try quilting the flap with matching thread. As a reminder, I first tried a blue variegated thread, and then a plain white thread:

Here’s the white thread next to a flap quilted with plain indigo colored thread:

Comparing the two, I really like the white stitching on the left more! So much so that I’m going to pick out the blue stitching and re-do it before completing version 3! What do you think? Did I make the right choice???

2 Responses

  1. Yes! It’s interesting to me how much more I like the white thread when I see the two next to each other. When you said in the previous post that you were going to try blue thread, I thought “Yes, good idea; the white thread competes with the design.” But now, next to the blue, it’s clear that the white thread complements the design–sure confirms the value of experimentation 🙂