Studio Snapshots | Glue Resist Indigo Dyeing Test 2

After a success with my first round of glue resist and indigo dyeing, I decided it was time to try a bigger piece, so I drew a bunch of designs on this 18″ x 20″ piece of Essex linen/cotton:

Sorry it’s so hard to see! Anyway, I concentrated on keeping the lines a bit thinner than last time, while still using the tip dialed all the way open on the glue bottle. What I didn’t do is draw some registration lines, which I’ll do next time as my columns are slanted! I let this piece dry overnight and then gave it 2 dips in my indigo dye bath the next morning:

Here it is after being washed and dried:

I’m super happy that even the thinner lines worked quite well. Here’s the back side:

And some closeups:

I’ve got to work on keeping my lines smoother and not blobby, but I’m quite happy with this and will now move forward with figuring out what I want to do with fabric dyed in this manner! Wahoo!!!!