September Goal Check In

Well, I’ve actually been able to chip away at this list even though the first couple weeks back to teaching at the UoR is exhausting! Although not on my original to-do list, I tried out glue resist last weekend while indigo dyeing some scarves for my upcoming show and really liked. This inspired me to start designing the next bag that’s been percolating in my head, a small-ish bag (big enough for an iPad mini though) with a thin leather cross body strap and a cool flap to feature some fantastic fabric. So I started working on that this week at night time:

So I’ve added 4-6 of those as well as some pillows to the to-do list!

September Goals

Custom dye scarves and bag for Elaine September 9  100%
 Teach FMQ Club at RSC September 19  100%
 Third Gradation Article September 22  40%
 Second FMQ Club Pattern  September 19  0%
 Change Booth Design  October 12  0%
 Indigo Dyed Scarves  October 12  100%
 New Bag Design???  October 12  75%
Calendar email to students  September 30  0%
 Glue Resist Indigo Pillows  October 12  0%
 4-6 Cross Body Bags  October 12  0%
 1-2 Row Houses  October 12  0%
New Quilt for Liam November 20 20%
Indigo Throw Backburner-ish  0%
Stripey Quilt  Backburner-ish  0%
New Quilt for Logan Backburner-ish  0%
Get new bags up on shop website! Backburner-ish 0% 
Finish up installing plugins/tweak website design Backburner 30%
Update Tutorials on Website Backburner 0%
Update Galleries on Website Backburner 0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner 0%
Mod House Quilt back burner 0%


I’ve got 4 weekends left plus an extra couple days for our “Study Days” in early October….let’s see what I can get done!