2 | Progress on my Wonky Tree Quilt

My Wonky Tree Quilt is progressing quite nicely! I’ve been having fun sharing my progress in real time on Facebook and Instagram with quick cell phone shots. These are sometimes a bit blurry, and the color looks wonky as the lighting changes drastically throughout the day in there, but the pictures are still useful!

After making more:

and more blocks

I decided I needed to trim them up so I could have a better idea of how they looked. I LOVE these little nests of trimmings, someday I’m gonna figure out a way to use them!

Once the were all trimmed I lined them up by color so I could see how many of each color family I had:

Then I started playing with them to figure out what sort of layout I would like. My first try was by size, small at the top, graduating to the larger ones below:

My plan is to piece these with lots of navy around each one, so I put a piece of navy up on the design wall so I could see the blocks with breathing room:

Ah….that’s more like it! As this configuration sat on my design wall for a day, I started thinking that maybe the trees needed to be growing under a starry sky, so I pieced a couple of stars:

And voila:

I love where this is going! I need to make a few more stars, and then start figuring out how I’m actually going to piece all this together!

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