February Goals Check-in

I’m so excited that I’ve started working on my Wonky Tree Quilt! This quilt has been in my head for literally years!

Although I should keep chipping away at working on my website, there’s only so much computer work I can do each week before I go insane! #truth

February Goals

Sample for March FMQ Refresh class Feb 4 100%
Finish up installing plugins/tweak website design Feb 28 30%
Teach Silk Scarf Patio Class Feb 18 0%
Update Tutorials on Website Feb 28 0%
Update Galleries on Website Feb 28 0%
Dye new scarf palette for giveaway winner Feb 28 0%
Paint Dining Room! March 5 0%
New curtain for dining room March 5 0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes Feb 28 0%
Stripey Quilt Feb 28 0%
Prayer Flags for Swap March 1 0%
Quilt Facing Article March 20 0%
 Calendar email to students  Feb 28 0%
Stool cover for Mary- on hold Backburner-ish 0%
Pillows for Morris Chair – on hold Backburner-ish 0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner-ish 0%
Mod House Quilt back burner 0%

Look at this double rainbow that showed up in my backyard the other day:

How cool is that?