1 | Getting Started on my Wonky Tree Quilt

Waaaay back when we remodeled our kitchen/family room in the Summer of ’13, I planned to make a couple of quilts to go along with the pillows I made for the chairs and couch in the family room:


I’ve finally found a pocket of time to get started on the first quilt I’ve been seeing in my head for a long time now, a Wonky tree quilt! I started by cutting out 35 navy blue rectangles in the 6″ x 11″ and 7″ x 12″ size, and laying out roughly cut out triangles on top of them:

Then I stacked them all up and started improv piecing them one at a time. The first one had a trunk that I thought was a a bit too fat, so it got reduced:

To speed things along, I set up a cutting and ironing station right next to the sewing machine:

By the end of Sunday I had 8 trees completed:

I have high hopes that I’ll be able to make a few of these each day!