Some Things to Cheer About!

We’ve had some good things happening with the boys lately, and I love to share things like this occasionally!

First off, Logan won second place at a speech and debate tournament a couple of weeks ago for his Expository Speech on Thomas Edison. He prefers the photo on the right, I the one on the left, LOL!

And we received word last week that Liam’s Trombone Quartet the HELMsmen is first alternate in the International Trombone Associations Trombone Quartet competition:

This is quite amazing as they are comprised of 2 sophomores and 2 freshmen, while the rest of the groups are made up of older players, including many grad students! The finals of this competition are going to be held here at the University of Redlands this summer during the International Trombone Festival, hosting it is a huge project my hubby has been working on for a good 2 years now! If one of the groups can’t all get to Redlands this summer, the HELMsmen are first in line to take their spot in the finals. The entire Vanderbilt Trombone Choir is going to be performing at the festival, so they are all committed to be there anyway.

Even more exciting is that Liam is a finalist for the Larry Wiehe Tenor Trombone Competition! This competition is open to trombonists 23 years old and under, so at 19 Liam is competing against trombonists many years his senior. We are so excited for him!

My little boys aren’t so little any more! I love seeing them grow into their own person, with their interests and passions to pursue!

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