Another Fun Trip to Nashville!

Last Friday hubby and I headed out to Nashville to hear Liam play his sophomore recital!


The trip got off to a rocky start; we were supposed to arrive at midnight, but our connecting flight was delayed in Colorado, so I got to spent a few hours grading exams in the airport:


and we didn’t arrive until 2:30 am! Ack! No matter, we got up late the next morning, had a nice brunch, and then Andrew spent some time teaching Liam about bicycle maintenance:


That evening we got to hear the Vanderbilt Orchestra play, they sounded great!



Sunday evening was Liam’s recital! He sounded really great and at the end he was so psyched, he kept saying “I want to play it all again!” He really does love performing, it is so obvious that this career path is the right one for him!



After the recital we had a great dinner with Liam’s teacher Jeremy Wilson:


Nashville is an AMAZING town for foodies, every place we eat it’s nothing but stupendous! Here’s a quick collage of some of the awesomeness:



The trombone studio had professional pictures taken just last week, look at how full of character these pictures are!

photo: Anne Rayner; VU

This expression is classic Liam:

photo: Anne Rayner; VU

Here’s the entire studio:

photo: Anne Rayner; VU

And here’s Liam’s quartet, they call themselves “The Helmsmen”, which uses their initials Hiram, Evan, Liam, Matt and also plays off the Commodore history of Vanderbilt!

photo: Anne Rayner; VU
photo: Anne Rayner; VU

Oh my, these guys are hilarious! They are also all committed to playing really well and submitting recordings to a couple of competitions this Fall which is just awesome!

All too soon we had to head for home, it was a great visit!

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  1. My daughter, Claire, went to high school with Hiram! He had to cut off all that long hair for marching season every year! I am so glad Liam is having such a fabulous experience!