An Exciting Weekend in Nashville!

Very early last Saturday Hubby and I got on a plane, (and then another one) for Nashville:


Liam is almost done with his Freshman year at Vanderbilt, and he played a Freshman recital on Sunday, and we were able to go hear it! His girlfriend Celia was also able to to come, so we spent the weekend eating at what seems to be a never ending selection of absolutely fabulous places to eat there:




Liam’s been working really hard this year, learning a ton of music so that he could play an entire hour, something most freshmen don’t do!

His first piece was a contemporary piece with a bit of theater, he starts by running onstage, knocking over a stand full of mutes, and as you can see, not yet completely dressed:


The next piece was a Leopold Mozart piece for alto trombone, which is a smaller, higher instrument that he started learning last August:


Then he was back on his tenor with three more large pieces:


My friends, he sounded GREAT! He did an absolutely amazing job all the way through a long, challenging program. He’s obviously been working hard this year, and his teacher Jeremy and he are obviously working really well together, hooray!!!

We had a small reception afterwards, which I totally forgot to take any pictures of, but a good time was had by all!

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  1. How very proud you must be of Liam’s accomplishments on his first year away. Looks like you had a great family time in Nashville.