What a fun day!

Oh my goodness, what a fun Easter weekend we had! I was busy busy busy, because Andrew had a gig from 7-1 Easter morning. Liam’s girlfriend Celia was out for the weekend to visit, so Logan insisted that she be a substitute Liam for our traditional Easter Basket spiderweb hunt!




They also dyed Easter eggs and had fun!


Welcome spring!!! #fbp

I was busy in the kitchen. First, Hot Cross buns for breakfast:

I did a ton of baking prep yesterday! First up, hot cross buns for breakfast!

Then I had to cook a leg of lamb, and I did it!!!!

I cooked a roast all by myself!! Honey mint glaze last half hour this smells amazing!!!

My Aunt, Uncle, cousin, her hubby and beautiful baby Lucy came for dinner:

Happy, hungry guests!

I made 2 desserts! A lemon tart

Dessert number 2: whole lemon tart! (Yep another @smittenkitchen recipe)

And carrot graham cake with cream cheese frosting:

Carrot graham cake for dessert! (Yes recipe by @smittenkitchen !)

Everything was delicious, but the sweetest thing of all was this beautiful baby!!!!

lucy and candy

She finally is big enough to wear this dress I dyed for her baby shower last year:


I dyed a lot of things for her last year! I love a baby in colorful clothes, but man that smile is the best!!!

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  1. I loved reading these comments this morning. The lamb looked so DELICIOUS!! What a talent you are!!??