Meetup | February Goals

Phew! What a quick month! Of course, because my Mom and Step-Dad were visiting until the 7th, it got off to a late start! Let’s see how far I got:

January Goals

Dyeing 104 session 8 January 31  100%
 New quilt for our bed! January 31  15%
 New curtains for our bedroom! February 28  0%
 calendar email to students January 31  100%
 First half of Fiber Art Connection class sorted January 31  15%
Move website to new hosting January 31  0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes back burner  0%
Mod House Quilt back burner  5%

The big monkey on my back was getting back in the swing of things for Dyeing 104, so I can get it finished up. Session 8 was posted over a week ago, and I dyed everything for Session 9 yesterday:

Busy day dyeing for my #dyeing104multicolorsilk online class, there's some faux #snowdyeing there! #fbp

Good thing I did, because today we got some much needed RAIN! Of course that meant that all the containers I’d stacked last night to dry in my outdoor studio got wet and blew around:

The downside of having an outside dyeing studio: when it rains on all the containers that had been drying the night before! #fbp

But that’s a small price to pay for rain! 🙂

February Goals

Dyeing 104 session 9 & 10 February 29  25%
 New quilt for our bed! February 29  15%
 calendar email to students February 29  0%
Fiber Art Connection class filmed and uploaded February 29  15%
Taxes February 29  0%
Move website to new hosting February 29  0%
Re-paint Laundry room March 6  0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner-ish  0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes back burner  0%
Mod House Quilt back burner  5%

I’ve made a lot of progress on my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt, but it’s a big project, so I’ve gotta keep chipping away at it. The big thing this month is to get my Fiber Art Connection class filmed and loade, it’s called “Free Motion Quilting: Theme and Variations”. This is a fun new online venture I’m undertaking with some other really fabulous fiber artists. Registration opens February 15, the classes start March 15, and my week is early in the course, so I need to get it done!


I’m backburninging the new curtains for my bedroom, because I’ve expanded my plans! We desperately need more storage in this house, and I think that window wall in our bedroom:



is the perfect place for a built in! I’m thinking bookshelves on either side with a window seat. So the curtains need to wait until at least the final plans for this are done so that they end up the right length! I’ve started a Pinterest board so I can figure out how I want the built-ins to look, so when hubby tells me he’s ready to start building (which probably won’t be until this summer…) I’m ready for action! Oooh, exciting!!!!

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