5 | The Background of My Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt is Gonna Be Scrappy!!

After testing out the new neutral grey dye, I needed to see how it plays with my other greys. So I made 6 blocks, trying to incorporate as much variety of greys as possible, making the centers of the crosses the same color so that doesn’t confound the decision. Here they are:


It took me a little bit to get used to it, mainly I think because although in my mind I had always intended for the background to be scrappy, but I didn’t do that in the EQ7 mockup I made of the quilt:


or the first block I made to test the block I’d designed:


But, hubby and I agree, that the scrappy background rocks!


Although I can pick out the neutral greys in there, I like what they’re adding to the mix…and they definitely have lost their purple cast in this setting, so I’ll continue with this mix of greys for the background while I make another 50 blocks with different color crosses! I may pick out the upper right square in the lower right block…those dark bits are bothering me, but I’ll wait and see untill I see what else is going on!

How am I doing on the #15MinutesADay? I’ve not managed to work on this every single day, but on other days I’ve worked much more than 15 minutes, so it’s definitely evened out to over 15 minutes every day. I’ve got enough grey background pieces cut out for the whole quilt and then some, now it’s time to go through the bright color scraps and get the rest of those crosses cut!

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  1. I love the way the greys add interest and texture! The red crosses are dominant enough to pull your eye back to them. It’s going to look great!