3 | Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt: Yardage and Cutting Charts for 5 Sizes of Quilts

Once I’d confirmed that the sizes of each piece I’d planned for a 12.5″ block would work, I set about cutting up all my grey scraps into background pieces. It was slowish going, because I had scraps of all shapes and sizes. At some point, I ran out of scraps and then was able to make a huge amount of headway pretty quickly using yardage of several tones of my hand dyed grey fabric. I stopped when I had roughly 75% of the pieces I needed to assess the variety of greys:

After 2 days of cutting grey (used every usable scrap before getting into yardage) #15MinutesADay for the background of my #ScrappySwissCrossQuilt I've got about 75% of the pieces I need and I see indeed to dye some very light grey values!

I realized that I needed more light values of grey, so I dyed some today:

A day after I posted the Swiss Cross pattern, someone commented thanking me because they’d been looking for just such a pattern for a couple of days. So I thought I’d share more info on how to make several sizes of quilts while I’m working on mine!

EQ7 makes it really easy to mock up several different sizes:


Although I’m making this using lots of different scraps, it helps to have an idea of how much total yardage you need. And it’s totally helpful to know how many pieces to cut:


So as soon as I get that fabric washed and dried I’ll be able to finish cutting background pieces, and then it’s on to the crosses!