2 | Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt: The Block

Yesterday I laid out my plan to sew a queen size Scrappy Swiss Cross quilt; I’m going to try to spend #15MinutesADay working on it. Because I dye all the fabric I use to make things, most projects I do start with fabric dyeing. Because of that there’s always a fair amount of planning, and to be frank, I oftentimes spend too much time plotting and planning and scheming, it can get in the way, and I can turn a free half hour that I could be sewing into just being mired down in decisions. One of the functions of this project is to have it be NOT so plotting and planning, to be able to just do a bit of cutting or stitching whenever I can just find a few minutes. I may have to dye more grey for the background, and probably some fabric for the backing, but I’m pretty darn sure I’ve got enough of the brights colors that I need to make it nice and scrappy with the hues I want!

So, first things first, the pattern. After mapping it out, I figured I’d make a diagram if folks are interested in making one too:


Then I grabbed a handful of grey and red scraps and tried the pattern out:


TaDah! Now, to make 55 more! LOL

3 Responses

  1. I have been looking for a swiss cross quilt pattern for the last couple of days and just came across yours. This is perfect! Thank you so much. I am so excited to get started on a crib quilt for my grandson!

    1. What a happy coincidence! Make sure to send pix of your crib quilt, I’ll bet it’s finished before this quilt will be! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the block pattern. I am going to put this on my to do list. Love the way it looks with the gray.