January Goals Check-in

Well, I’ve been cruising along, keeping really busy!

I’ve been able to find #15minutesaday most days to keep working on my Scrappy Swiss Cross quilt. A couple days I haven’t had the energy/time, but on other days I’ve spent more than 15 minutes, so it’s evening out!

Most importantly, I got the next session of Dyeing 104 taped, hopefully I can spend all of this coming weekend on it and get it posted!

January Goals

Dyeing 104 session 8 January 31  45%
 New quilt for our bed! January 31  10%
 New curtains for our bedroom! February 28  0%
 calendar email to students January 31  0%
 First half of Fiber Art Connection class sorted January 31  5%
Move website to new hosting January 31  0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes back burner  0%
Mod House Quilt back burner  5%

I’m also taking some time to learn how my new oven works! Here’s the latest loaf of bread, it’s a rye loaf, recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Hubby is impressed with how much of a rise I can get out of a loaf of rye bread – it’s an awesome recipe, that’s why!

new york deli rye