I’m back!

Oh my GOSH, what a week and a half it’s been! Last Monday, the 9th, my websites were hacked by a bot! Most of them were fixed and accessible by Friday, a couple took the weekend to resolve, but until a half an hour ago, I couldn’t log in to the admin site of my blog so I could update folks with what was going on!

Now, in the grand scheme of things, I know how inconsequential an issue like this is. Sadly, I have daily reminders of how incredibly fortunate I am to have the life that I do, when compared to the suffering of so many other people. But aiyiyi, I’ve felt like I was missing part of myself, not being able to blog this week! Sigh!

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and laundry is piling up because my dryer gave out over the weekend and the new one doesn’t get delivered until next Monday. Luckily, when I dye silk, I hang it to dry and then iron it, but I’ve got cotton and linen to dye, not only do I prefer to dry cotton fabric in the dryer, but I need to prewash and dry the linen because all the lint that will come out of it needs to come out BEFORE being dyed. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, because the shop was out of commission for a week, I’m extending the re-launch sale until November 30th, hooray!

It’s filled to the brim with lovely things made with hand dyed fabric! I’ve got some zip and go bags, some made with my hand dyed fabric in the Autumn Splendor palette:

and others made with some natural indigo dyed fabric:

There are plenty of my cotton sateen clutches too:

The newest thing in the shop are my pillows made with indigo dyed linen:

The quilting I did on them gives them such an incredible texture! I wish you could feel them!

Of course, there are PLENTY of scarves! I’ve always got loads and loads of my colorful hand dyed silk scarves:

as well as some indigo dyed scarves as well:

And again, everything is 15% off between now and November 30, just enter the coupon code “WOOT” at checkout

Now, to get started planning and shopping for the festival of pie!

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