November Goals Check-in

Oh dear, what a crazy couple weeks it’s been! Did you see “get hacked and locked out of your blog” on that list? Yeah, neither did I! The time I spent on recovering from this craziness has put me way behind on what I wanted to get done on the next session of Dyeing 104. Now I’ve got to switch gears, because Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Hubby heads our for a conference just before Liam comes home for the week. Andrew will return and go into high gear cooking prep, Celia, Liam’s girlfriend, arrives to spend several days with us, we’re gonna be busy!!!

November Goals

Launch Online Shop November 2  100%
Dyeing 104 sessions 7 November 9 100%
Dyeing 104 sessions 8 November 30 0%
 More Indigo Zip and Gos November 6 100%
 Birdie Zip and Gos November 6 100%
 4 Indigo Pillows  November 6  100%
 Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes  November 24  0%
Teach Advanced FMQ at RSC  November 30  33%
 calendar email to students  November 30  0%
Recover from hacking  November 30  90%
Move website to new hosting  December 12  0%
Re-stock scarves  December 12  20%
Finish the next mystery project back burner 50%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

In the meantime, we’ve been having glorious weather. In this crazy busy time, I’m trying to remember to look around and notice lovely things right in front of my nose…like this loaded blood orange tree in my front yard. Look at that sky!

blood orange