Studio Snapshots | Purple, Grey and Gold Baby Quilt Step 3

The next step in making this baby quilt for my cousin was to make some pretty Itajime patterned fabric to use on the back of the quilt as well as a basket I wanted to make for her as well. So these fabrics:


Came out looking like this:



I skimped a bit on the clamps (because I ran out and wanted to dye all 8 pieces) so some of the patterning isn’t as strong as I would like, but some of these are quite nice!

So, the quilt I’ve been wanting to make them for a long time is an improv, loosey-goosey-sorta-log-cabiny piece, with a largish square/rectangle in the center for some Free Motion Machine Sketched birds! But I needed some help cutting into all that yardage I dyed so that I could lots of different sizes and shapes of fabric to use for the loosey-goosey-sorta-log-cabiny quilt, so I decided to make a simple quilt inspired by she can quilt’s Canvas quilt pattern.

I grabbed the fabric and started playing around with the colors and realized that working with these 3 sets of tints was actually quite hard! Here’s some of the combo’s I tried:








I ended up liking this arrangement the best:


And am quite happy with this offcenter arrangement after piecing it:


And now the fabric has been cut into so it’s easier to start making lots of strips!!!!