Studio Snapshots | Purple, Grey and Gold Baby Quilt Step 2

After choosing the hues of purple, grey and gold that my cousin and her hubby wanted for their new baby, I dyed up several yards of all three colors in different color intensities (aka tints).






I also tried some multicolor fabric with the tints of purple and yellow:


But because they’re complementary colors, when they touch you get brown, and although pretty and earthy, it isn’t the kind of look Jess and Jim are looking for. Although as I was starting to have a plan for the quilt front involving on these single color fabrics, I still want to have some cool patterning for the back of the quilt…plus I want to make a divided basket for diapers and supplies and I want to use a cool patterned fabric for the outside pocket! So, I folded up some fabric and did some Itajime to create some single color patterned fabric:


I’ll show you how it came out tomorrow!