Meetup | June Goals

Sigh…technology, gotta love it until it gives you grey hair. I’ve been having some weirdness going on with my site for the past couple months, and I think (knock on wood) we’ve finally isolated and fixed the problem, as well as taken steps that it doesn’t return. But ARGH!!!!!!!

Anyway, I’ll make sure to add this to my May Goals so I can cross it off! ūüėČ

May Goals

Preview Day at Redlands Sewing Center May 6 100%
Run Giveaway May 6-10 100%
Book Bucket for Baby Elliot May 10 100%
Dye Scarves for shows May 23 100%
Sateen Clutches for shows May 23 100%
Art in the Park!! May 23 & 24 100%
Banish Website Gremlins June 1 90%
Finish the next mystery project June 1 50%
Teach next FMQ Class at Redlands Sewing Center June 1 100%
calendar email to students June 1 100%
Get started on Dyeing 104 June 1 5%
Baby quilt for Jess and Jim’s baby June 1 30%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video June 1 0%
Mod House Quilt June 1 5%

I am happy I got so many clutches done! Although I didn’t make that many sales at the show, this will allow me to sell them online. I had a great time teaching my 3-session FMQ at the Redlands Sewing Center in May, here’s a few pix from our last session:



This awesome, over achieving, student, make a LOT of pages for her Sampler Book:



She really got into it and is doing great work!

OK, so Liam graduates from High School in a week – WooHoo! So there’s lots of stuff coming up for that. We’re having a party for him on the 13th my cousin and her hubby are coming for that, so that’s my hard and fast deadline to get everything I want to make for their baby made! ūüôā¬†Then, once those are done it’s all Dyeing 104 all the time!!! I’ve been waiting a year to get enough things on my plate so I can concentrate on that, and that time is finally here!!!!

June Goals

Banish Website Gremlins June 10 90%
Finish the next mystery project July 1 50%
Get ready to LAUNCH Dyeing 104 July 1 0%
calendar email to students July 1 0%
¬†Baby quilts and basket for Jess and Jim’s baby ¬†June 13 ¬†30%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video June 1 0%
Mod House Quilt June 1 5%