The Meetup | May Goals

I should be jumping for joy, school is over! Except it’s not, but at least I am done with being in the classroom until Fall! I’ve got lots of committee work to do, but Liam’s college choice is made, so that’s a HUGE weight off my shoulders/out of my brain! Last weekend I had a bit of a meltdown, realizing that I didn’t have enough stuff to stock my booth the way I wanted for Red Dirt Art Festival unless I worked late into the night’s all week, so I cried UNCLE and backed out of the show. Not what I wanted to do, but that’s what had to be done. I’ve got another show in 3 weeks (Art in the Park, May 23 & 24), so I’d rather spend the day I’m not doing Red Dirt dyeing and stitching for Art in the Park!

April Goals

Dye Scarves for shows May 1 10%
New Bag for Chicago Trip! May 1 100%
Baby Clothes and Book Bucket for Jess & Jim’s baby April 24 100%
Sateen Clutches for shows May 1 0%
Quilting Arts Holiday pattern May 1 100%
Finish the next mystery project May 1 50%
calendar email to students May 1 100%
Get started on Dyeing 104 May 1 0%
Linen pillows for new chaise May 1 0%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video May 1 0%
Mod House Quilt May 1 5%

I did get a LOT of baby clothes dyed for my cousin:


And this cute bucket full of books:


Most importantly, I did get my pattern for Quilting Arts Holiday written and submitted on time! Phew! And so, on to next month:

May Goals

Preview Day at Redlands Sewing Center May 6 0%
Run Giveaway May 6-10 0%
Book Bucket for Baby Elliot May 10 0%
Dye Scarves for shows May 23 10%
Sateen Clutches for shows May 23 0%
Art in the Park!! May 23 & 24 0%
Finish the next mystery project June 1 50%
Teach next FMQ Class at Redlands Sewing Center June 1 0%
calendar email to students June 1 0%
Get started on Dyeing 104 June 1 0%
Baby quilt for Jess and Jim’s baby June 1  0%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video June 1 0%
Mod House Quilt June 1 5%

For local folks, next Wednesday, May 6,  is Class Preview Day at the Redlands Sewing Center. It’s the only day of the year they have a sale on class registration fees, you can save 10%, and you can call the store if you can’t come in that day. For more information on any of these classes or to register, call theRedlands Sewing Center: 909.792.3994.  And remember if you register on May 6, you can save 10%!

Details on all the classes I’ll be teaching there this coming year are on the Upcoming Events Tab located here on my website. I’ll be teaching at least 2 different Free Motion Quilting classes:


as well as an Advanced Free Motion quilting class:


Beyond the dates that are found on my website, if these classes fill during the preview, we’ll add new classes. So don’t worry if you can’t come by or call the shop until later in the day!

2 Responses

  1. Anxious for Dyeing 104. I found a silk parachute wedding dress from WWII that was damaged on the arms. Bought it for 5$ and deconstructed it for beautiful silk for the class. I ended up with 7 yards from this on and another 12 yards from a similar, plain one with a really long train. Silk is washed and put in bags to keep the bugs out. SO anxious for your Dyeing 104 class. Hope it is soon!

  2. Oh Miss Candy,
    How we hate to change our minds about something we really ‘want’ to do! But I will commend you on being honest with yourself and NOT wearing yourself to a frazzle just to fulfill a ‘but I want to’ moment. You have plenty on your plate (platter in your case). Most importantly, enjoy your family while they are all under the same roof. Once Liam goes off to college, and your younger son moves through high school, time together will become harder to accomplish. But so worth it when you can,,,
    Waiting patiently for the Silk Class to start.
    Have a wonderful day,