A Custom Dyed Silk Cape for a Special Event

My friend Catherine has a family event to go to, one that she was a bit stressed over, and she really wanted to look her best. Seeing my hand dyed silk capes in person at a show I did a couple of weeks ago, she asked if she could bring her dress over and see if we could find a color palette that worked with it. The dress was a bright blue, and I suggested we look for a color palette that had a bit of blue, but other colors as well. My Aurora color palette, when the shaded turquoise was in between the shaded majenta and yellow was a close match, but the blue needed to be a bit brighter. So I dyed 2 capes and backed off 50% on the black I usually add to the turquoise. I dyed two because even using the same mixed colors and pouring pattern, every scarf I dye comes out a bit different, and I wanted her to have a couple of choices:

The first one had some really cool color mixing you can see best in the first picture:






The second one had some really cool patterning at the nape of the neck:






Catherine chose the first one, and we had a few moments for a quick photo shoot in the one patch of shade in my backyard when she came over to pick it up:







I’m pretty sure you can see the happiness in her face! This “Cape of Awesomeness” is going to carry her through a stressful day with aplomb!

She had been following my bag making for Mary on Facebook and asked if I could whip her up one of those simple zip clutches for her as well. I happened to have some Aurora fabric marinating in my stash, so I was able to make her one quick like a bunny:




Now, she’s ready for ANYTHING!

6 Responses

  1. Catherine you look so beautiful in your lovely cape! Thank you for sharing the photos with us! Awesome job!

  2. She is lucky! I liked hearing about this and then loved getting to see pictures. You are a masterful color artist!