One Moment | Last Day of School!

Hooray! The boys are done with school! This year has been a lot of work for everybody and it’s great to have it all over with! I got to snap a picture before they left this morning, it’s so fun to compare this to their first day of school picture last August:

Logan has really changed this year!

Logan had a great math teacher this year who turned him from a kid who hated math into a kid who really likes it! He turned in a great geometry poster earlier in the year…all based around Legos! He figured out how to calculate the volume of a Lego including the cylindrical studs as well as the box of the Lego itself! Because of that he earned a special medal:

Logan award

He was quite proud of it, as he should be!

We ended the day with a trip to the frozen custard stand:

It’s offcial: Summer has begun!