Hand Dyed Baby Layette for Lathan

Is there anything cuter than hand dyed baby clothes??? YES!!! Babies wearing hand dyed baby clothes!!!! 🙂

I don’t have pictures of the baby wearing the clothes…because they’re still here in So Cal and the baby is in Ohio! So I’ll just show you what I made for my niece Flannery’s new baby Lathan:


I made a large flannel receiving blanket, and dyed it along with a long sleeved onesie, cap and my favorite sleeper this delicious earthy green palette:


Another long sleeved onesie, hat, and short sleeved romper this luscious combination of purple and gold:


Another long sleeved onesie, short sleeved romper and a cotton fleece sleeper with a hood complete with ears with red, gold and turquoise:


And of course, an entire rainbow of onesies, diaper pants and socks!!!


I also made Lathan’s big sister Teigan some clothes – can you tell what her favorite colors are?


And his much older step-sister Sam needed some cool tees too! I really love that twist tee, I hope she does too. All these clothes came as blanks from Dharma Trading.


Look how cute all these clothes look all stacked up!




2 Responses

  1. Um… gorgeous! I just now decided I need to tie-dye with the kids this summer. Or this month (summer starts in July up here). I love the purple/gold combination. I’m off to dharma to look at blanks!