Studio Snapshots | Dyeing and Baking

We’ve been having the most delicious weather – cool nights, and days that don’t get above 75, really it was heavenly last week. (I’m afraid that’s all over now…). Most of my dyeing requires planning ahead of time, especially when I’m working on a class like I am with Dyeing 103 right now. Usually that planning (done with spreadsheets) and ripping/labelling fabric or unwrapping scarves has to happen the night before so I can get the dyeing started first thing in the morning so I’m inside by the heat of the day. With a busy week, ending with a command performance at the school’s opera Friday night, there was no way I could get my planning done ahead of time. So the glorious sunny but cool day on Saturday was MOST welcome from me! I could dye in peace, not feeling rushed and frazzled:

This was especially awesome because Sunday was REALLY blustery, if I’d pushed the dyeing until Sunday I would have really regretted it!

I also had time to make some hot cross buns, which were appreciated by all Sunday morning!

hot cross buns

Recipe from Serious Eats!

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  1. As a textile lover I have been admiring you for quite some time now, even from over here in Australia 🙂 Your scarves are just divine. I wish I could attend one of your classes one day but I have been thinking, do you know of any artists like yourself over here that do classes? Many Thanks, Cathy