One Moment | Seeing Color Through Other People’s Eyes

I’ve been working hard on my Dyeing 103: Multicolor Cotton Dyeing class this past month. Last weekend I posted a session on analagous colors, and was so happy with one new color palette I design for that session, one with lots of Earthy Greens:


These colors just make my heart sing!

Of course, every session has lots of different palettes, one of which is an oldie but goodie, Gerber Daisies:


I hadn’t posted the session an hour before I got a couple of WOW! emails from the class members…this particular palette really struck a chord with a bunch of my students!

This is just one reason why I love teaching…I get to see color through other people’s eyes!

(I of course have to mention that my online dyeing classes are self paced and have no expiration date, so you can join us whenever you like! And while I’m building Dyeing 103: Multicolor Cotton Dyeing you can save 30% with the coupon code “Worm”!)

3 Responses

  1. I’m a green/turquoise kind of girl so I’m all over the first palette but I have to admit that I love the vibrancy of the second one as well. Very pretty!