From the Workshop of Candy Claus | Another Feather Pillow!

Well, this one I had to work on in secret!!! Up in my studio can get a little lonely, so I often like to use Instagram (which posts to Facebook and Twitter for me as well) to share quick peeks at works in progress. A while back, when I was working on the feather pillows for my couch, Mary saw pictures of them in process and commented that she really loved them…a plan was born! (Mary is the awesome former student who did all the really hard stuff when I was designing websites!) I had enough of the stripes I sewed together:

feather process

to cut out four more feather halves – so I did! And sewed up another pillow just for her!


She came over last night to help me wrap presents, and we started with her opening one:


Yep, she was excited!!! Hooray!!!!

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  1. Hehe sorry you couldn’t share, but I think it was totally worth it! Love it so much, can’t wait for it to be able to live on my couch!!