Meetup | December Goals

And here we are – December! Thanksgiving is so late this year, there are not too many days left untile Christmas! I was so busy in November that I didn’t even get ltime to update my list until late in the month, Lets see what I’ve got to get done:

November/December Goals

Pillows for the couch November 24 100%
Artist Advent Calendar Guest Post December 1 100%
Pix of Samples for FMQ class up on website December 1 50%
Retro Ornament Art Quilt December 1 0%
Shirts for Mr Pena December 1 0%
Linen Basket for Vicki December 1 0%
Patio Class with Mena & Friends December 7 0%
Private Patio Class with Lynn December 9 0%
Fill up scarf stocks December 15 0%
2 zip hipster for Carrie December 15 0%
Christmas presents for nieces & nephews December 18 0%
New Quilts for boys December 31 5%
Tree quilt for couch December 31 5%
Video tutorial for QAYG December 31 0%
Pillows for Jess & Jim January 15 0%

I’ve got a LOT to do, but with only 1 more week of classes and then a couple of finals to give, I’m going to have some extra time in mid-December!

I got a start on the quilts I want to make by dyeing 19 yards of fabric yesterday, the weather was a fabulous 72 degrees!


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