Festival of Pie 2013

I took a bit of a blogging break because there was too much pie to make! I hope Thanksgiving (for all my US readers) was full of family, friends and FUN! Because that’s what ours was! 🙂

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that we call Thanksgiving the “Festival of Pie”, because everybody has a different favorite pie, it’s so hard to choose which one to make, so why not make them all??? Couple that history with the fact that I now have my dream kitchen to work in, and I ended up making 10 pies the day before Thanksgiving!

I had to get really organized, so I could bake 2 pies that needed them same temperatures at the same time, and make sure I had the proper pan for each one:

Preparations complete! Let the baking for the #FestivalOfPie commence!

My new baking wall was a dream to work on! So much surface, I could have several things going on at once:


And when I had a helper, there was room for both of us!


So at the end of Wednesday, I had all this glorious pie to share with our guests the next day:



The next morning, hubby got busy with the turkey and veggie side dishes:


and my boys worked on making a LOT of mashed potatoes!



Our guests started to arrive, and it was so exciting to see everybody working and visiting in my new kitchen!





We had a total of 11 folks for dinner. Adding an extra conference table through the dining room and into the living room makes it easy to seat everybody:


I tried my best to remember to take more pictures of people, but after the squash ravioli in sage/brown butter sauce was devoured, I was too busy eating to snap any more pictures!!!





After the fabulous meal, Logan, Stirling and I took our youngest guests for a walk around the block, so we could digest a bit to make room for pie!


Then our extra guests arrived for the festival! We ended up with a total of 24 people eating all this pie:



And the festival continued! A couple folks who couldn’t come on Thursday came by for turkey soup and leftover pie Friday night…and my cousin and her hubby are coming for festivities today because he had to work on Thanksgiving Day!

I hope your day was just as memorable!

3 Responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving and Holy Pie!! You are one organized woman, an inspiration for sure. I am so jealous of your kitchen. It appears to be as organized as you and your family…and proved itself beautifully. Thank goodness for your helpers as well…so good to see you enjoyed your family and the extendeds!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  2. What a fabulous kitchen and so perfect for entertaining! And squash ravioli, my favorite. Wow, congratulations on all those beautiful pies!