A Visit to the Midwest

Last weekend hubby and I travelled to the Chicago area. We spent Saturday at an intimate memorial service for my mother-in-law with my husband’s family on in Valparaiso, Indiana. There were some awesome old family photos. Here are a couple of my mother in law when she was young:


And look at this old photo of the whole family at my Sister-in-law’s wedding, check out my hubby in the leisure suit (he’s the youngest):


I really enjoyed getting to know Teigan – she’s the daughter of my niece Flannery (whose parents are getting married up above!)

Teagan and the white Christmas tree

She’s such a cutie, but does this make me a “great-Aunt”??? Ack!!!!

Anyway, the next day Hubby and I headed to Chicago to visit some of our old haunts like the Duke of Perth:

Back at our old stomping grounds!  The Duke of Perth near Wrigley field makes the best fish and chips ever!

for some delicious Fish and Chips!

Perfect fish and chips!

After a bit of roaming around (look, a wedding party posing in front of Wrigley Field – hubby’s a big Cubs fan)

Mecca! Complete with wedding party posing on the sidewalk. #cubs #maybenextyear #ortheyearafter

and shopping,  we had a great dinner with Gene Pokorny, his wife, and Randy Hawes  (2 of the guys who come teach at the Pokorny Festival each year):

A fabulous Greek dinner  @hawesrdh Gene and Beth Pokorny

The next day started at Walker Brother’s Pancakes! Oh, they are the best!

My friends, I present the full Chicago experience: Grey skies, wind, rain and WALKER BROTHERS PANCAKES! !!!


Then we visited the campus of Northwestern University, because it may just be the place for Liam in a year and a half. He and Andrew visited the campus a couple of summers ago, but I’ve never been.

Northwestern University in a cold, windy, rainy day.

Northwestern University on a cold, windy, rainy day.

There were some glorious trees on campus!

Northwestern University on a cold, windy, rainy day. Glorious little pockets of trees and native grasses.

Northwestern University on a cold, windy, rainy day. Glorious little pockets of trees and native grasses.

and Chicago didn’t disappoint on the weather; it was windy and rainy, and halfway through the day the rain mixed with snow, yippee! (not…)

You can't see it but there's snow!

There it is!  Good Old blowing snow!

Any old who, a late flight got us in Monday night at 10 PM, I surely was glad to get home, and Stirling was happy to have us home too:

The boys close their bedroom door at night, so I’m afraid poor Stirling had to sleep alone, so he was surely glad to have some buddies to bunk down with again:

I know someone who will sleep easier tonight!

I have done MORE than enough travelling this Fall – I am SO OVER airplanes!

3 Responses

  1. Those are fun photos! I was going to say “Nice leisure suit” but I’m not sure those words actually go together. 😉

    Fish and chips looks delicious.

  2. Wonderful photos! Your mother-in-law looked like Katherine Hepburn in that first photo!

    And those fish and chips are making my mouth water! Are there many British-style pubs over your side of the pond?

  3. Those Chicago and Evanston pictures brought back such memories. I spent my first three years of married life there as my husband was going to Garrett Seminary which is on the campus of Northwestern. That was 1963-66 when they first started to fill in Lake Michigan to make more room for Northwestern buildings. Garrett was right on the lake then and now the campus extends many blocks past there. I spent many hours watching the barges of landfill junk being brought in and deposited. I have not been back for many years but when I was there and saw a many-story library out on that new land, I was dumb-founded. It is a beautiful campus, the Chicago culture is one of a kind, and it is a good school.
    Am meeting with Anne Russell tomorrow about Guild stuff and spent this AM with Barb Sherman, Nancy Way, Beth Suskind and Diane McGregor just to sit and chat and stitch. What a way to live!!