Fall 2013 Red Dirt Art Festival Report

This week is flying by! Recovering from the show last weekend and trying get a lot of school stuff done because this weekend hubby and I are headed to Chicago/Indiana for my mother in law’s memorial service, man this month does not stop!

Anyway, we had amazingly great weather for early November. Because this show was part of a bigger 125th birthday celebration for the City of Redlands, we did have a bigger crowd than we normally do (but I ended up having the same overall total as the last few Red Dirts.) I was busy enough to be able to just take pictures at the very start of the show:





One aspect of my booth that I’ve not been totall in love with is the left half of this wall (this is from the last show I did)


It’s a lot of space devoted to the Going Green totes that I make by dyeing tote bag blanks from Dharma and then add a patch and free motion machine sketch a flower or bird. SO I asked hubby for some slats to mount small mounted art quilts on:



Because we have room to spread out in this park, I left all my sides open:


I also had room to use the outside of the side of my tent to display some of my art quilts:



I was next to my friend Lizzie, which is always awesome, and the day was pretty great, until 3:45 and then, dun dun dunnnnnnn, the WIND! Liam came and helped hold the tent down, but it was pretty stressful. But alls well that ends well – at least once I got home, I put up my feet on the chaise and just VEGETATED! I need some more of that, but it won’t happen in the next couple weeks!