Our Kitchen Reno | Working on the Island

Andrew got the drawer built for the island today!

Island Process 1

This whomping huge drawer is going to be divided to hold all the big cookie sheets, cutting boards, trays etc… He made the sides and the drawer front out of 1/2″ plywood and then used 1/4′” MDF to divide the sides into panels that mimic the shape of our drawer fronts. And then – CHARTREUSE!

Island Process 2

We spent some time moving all the big pieces around to figure out the best way to fit them all in:

Island Process 4

While Andrew was working on the dividers, i put the slipcovers I dyed on the 2 new Ikea stools I painted last week. I smartly bought 2 pairs of slipcovers, and dyed a pair navy and another pair turquoise. Although I originally planned to use the same colors at a time, Logan really wanted the turquoise covers to be HIS and the navy covers to be LIAM’s, so we’ll use one of each! Here’s where I’m going with the colors:

Island Process 3

Late in the day, Andrew brought in the island top. It still needs 2 coats of finish, so we can’t use it…but at least we can see what it’s going to look like!!!!!

Island Process 5

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  1. Simply gorgeous! Love the colors in the light covers and on the seats, obviously has your touch…