Our Kitchen Reno | Install Day 3

We are just about done with the cabinet install!

First we levelled the stove wall cabinets:


and then installed the baking wall:


The last step in Ikea cabinet installation is screwing them to the wall. The top cabinets get hung on a metal bar that is screwed to the drywall, so they are really sturdily hung. The base cabinets are supposed to be screwed into the drywall at the top of each inside corner. Hubby did NOT like this, because drywall doesn’t have a lot of strength, so off he went to Lowe’s in search of a better solution. Typically you would use a toggle bolt, but they don’t work that much better, BUT! They’ve invented a better toggle bolt: the Toggler Snaptoggle. Hubby was much happier and quickly replaced all the screws and on we went to the sink wall.

This one was tough because the wall curves in at the corner, and the height of these cabinets have to be just at the right height, as we’re going to have the counter extend into the windowsill (this is the part I dread the most). So, as we were working our way down the line, hubby notices that if we put the sink where we designed it, he would have to move all the plumbingto the right a foot:


Dun dun dunnnnnn!

If we moved the small cabinet that was supposed to be on the left:


to the end of the line, the plumbing doesn’t have to move.


Sigh…I really loved the sink being in the center of the window, and gaining the extra work space on the left. But you’ve got to pick your battles, and my plumber’s tired, we’ll go with the sink back in the original location and keep on moving!


By the end of the day, hubby had all the cabinets in but the one on the far right, and I’d started assembling drawers!

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