Our Kitchen Reno | Cabinet Install Day 2

Well, we got half the cabinets in today! Leveling these cabinets is no small feat, as we have to deal with the fact that when they retiled this house, they tiled around the cabinets, so there’s a hole we have to deal with:


Here are the upper cabinets on the baking wall:


And the uppers on the sink wall:


Then we started on the base cabinets. We started with the righthand cabinet, plumbing it and levelling it to the fridge cabinet. Then the oven! That took awhile! But by golly, it sure looks good! We got the spacers attached to each side of the oven (our stovetop is 36″ wide, and the oven is only 30″, so we’ve got to make the bottom as wide as the top. We then placed the lefthand cabinet but called it a night. Hubby has to spend a bunch of time lying down with his hand underneath the cabinet screwing the legs up and down til it’s level (that’s my job, saying “little bit more, little bit more, whoops go back…”)


Here’s what it looked like before bed:


We got a lot done, but there’s a lot more to do!!!!

3 Responses

  1. Wow! It seems like you two are getting much more accomplished in a short amount of time than if you’d hired someone! Very exciting!

  2. you two are doing a fantastic job. i so admire a couple that can work together like you.