School’s Out for Summer!

Hooray! School is OUT! Although I am sure that I’ll be pulling my hair out soon enough because Logan will be telling me he’s boooooooooooored…it sure will be nice to not have to get these guys up and out the door every morning!!!


One thing I love about my blog is the easy way I can chronicle events like this. I’ve posted “first day, last day” pix for the past couple of years, it’s fun to see how they grew. This morning I actually remembered to look up the first day picture ahead of time so I could try to have the boys stand in the same spot. Logan got into it and wore the same clothes again! I tried to match up the top of the door and the steps in this juxtaposition:


The angle’s not quite right – but because Logan wore the same clothes you can see his knees know when you couldn’t last Fall, and Liam’s jeans are the the same length, and now they rumple less at the top of his shoes…



Yep, we’re all excited school is out!

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