Introducing: Hanging Organizers!!

I’ve been spending lots of time at Ikea lately, and they have these awesome railings with hanging attachments for kitchen backsplashes that I love and covet mightily.

I don’t know about you, but inside my front door is a table upon which mail gets dumped, along with my purse, newspapers, etc… It drives me nuts. Somehow, a couple of weekends ago, those Ikea rails and my love for bags took me over, and I made these:



One is sized for coupons:


Another one for envelopes & bills:


And a big magazine sized one too:


I stitched labels on each one in the hopes that my husband and kids would actually sort some of this stuff:


But I am not delusional, I know that it’ll be mostly be me that does this…but really, these are so pretty, it now gives me great joy to sort all that front hall table detritus! The tall shelves on the left hubby made for me to use during Art Shows, the shelves hold all the not so pretty stuff I need. But the rest of the year it has baskets for shoes, one for each of us. Wanna guess who puts the shoes in those? Anyway, these pieces sitting right inside the front door really make me feel so much better! And a happy Mom = a happy family! 🙂




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