Latest Commission | A Thistle Motif Ipad Envelope

I was so happy to have an email last week requesting a custom iPad envelope with a Thistle stitched on it.

I’ve never stitched this particular flower before, so I did a quick Google image search for thistle and figured out what the important elements are in this flower: a large, oval base with a diagonal feeling texture, and lots of hairy spikes out the top, and the leaves are really irregular and spiky as well. So, this is what I came up with:


My customer Julie also asked me to stitched her nickname on the back flap – it was a bit freaky for me, because I would spell it “Jules”, so I had to keep looking at the order form to check!


I’ve got to get this in the mail, so these pix aren’t quit true to color (this one of the back is the closest), I only had one chance to take them, but I’m really happy with this – I hope Jools likes it too!


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