Craft Tree Booklets

I had a couple of fun mail days this week!

The folks at Interweave/F & W Media have been creating a series of quilting and sewing project compilation booklets by combining 13 – 20 projects on a particular subject area from different magazines into one “booklet”. They’re printed on nice thick glossy paper, more like a book, but bound with staples rather than like a thicker book.

I’ve got projects in 5 of these, including my nesting baskets, convertible tote (twice!), a simple messenger bag, and a journal/sketchbook cover. Fun new publications for me, but the work is already done, hooray! 🙂


Thursday was a great smelling day here in Redlands…both the Jasmine and Orange trees are blooming, at it smells fantastic!




And my Lady Bank’s rose, although she doesn’t smell much, she looks incredible:


The glories of Spring in Southern California!

Oh, and speaking of Spring…I’m having a Spring sale for both my online classes, you can save 25% if you register in March!


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  1. We have the white version, but we call them banksia rose — I wonder why? Jasmine, like frangipani, gardenia and murraya (mock orange), has too much perfume and gives me a headache and/or make me sneeze so there’s no place for them in our garden!