Studio Cleaned and Thread Organized!

My studio was a crazy mess last week! Not only did I need to clean up, but I was fed up with how my thread was stored.


This set of drawers worked OK when I bought it, but of course I’ve been buying more thread, so the drawers were getting over full. Couple that with me not winding the thread all the way back on the spool and the drawers were a bit of a mess:


So first, some major thread sorting:



and then a trip to Ikea for a new chest of drawers and tadah!


This new chest of drawers is so big, I had to get rid of another small rolling chest I kept on the left side of my dual sewing table. It held all the feet, needles and accessories for my Bernina, as well as hand sewing stuff. Since I rarely use these things, I relocated them to the far left drawer in my built in desk. A good clean out of both of those lefthand drawers left me with plenty of room for the sewing stuff, that is accessible when I roll the new chest out of the way. I can put the chest on the left side of the sewing machine to support large quilts, which is a big plus.




There’s so much room in the new drawers that I was able to put all the feet and other sewing machine accessories that used to stay on 2 storage pieces that rested on top of the old thread drawers in the top drawer, which also holds the thinnest cotton bobbin threads.


The next drawer holds piecing weight (50) thread and 40 wt variegated quilting thread. Hubby made me lots of dividers from thin plywood to help keep the thread organized.


Next up: 30 weight thread. There’s lots of space here because I’ve got a bunch more of this weight coming! This is mostly Sulky blendable variegated thread, I love this weight, it gives a great strong line.


Here’s the last drawer of cotton, with the heaviest weight, 24, as well as some hand dyed threads.


This drawer holds all my rayon – mostly 40 weight, but some 30 too. I used to use rayon a lot, but not much in the past couple of years.


This final drawer holds quilting sandwiches I can grab to test out a new thread or design.


What’s totally cool about this is that there’s plenty of room for more thread, and if I ever went crazy and had a LOT more, that last drawer could easily be used.

It’s so excited to have everything neat and tidy – I even recovered my ironing board, man was it dirty!






9 Responses

  1. Oh I am really impressed with your studio reorganisation! I really need to do something similar (well on a much smaller scale, I don’t have a studio, I share my sewing space with the baby 🙂 )

  2. Thank you for sharing your studio space! You have a great area. Love seeing how others have things organized, great ideas. How sweet of your hubby to make your thread dividers. Now I just need some nice big drawers, hehe.


  3. I’m not sure that it’s possible for you to be more creative but you certainly have made space to be so! It looks fantastic!

  4. Very nice space, I love those drawers from Ikda, they’re so handy! I also love those little stuffed birdies you have decorating your space, so very cute!

  5. Thanks for the tour. You have an awesome sewing space! I’m envious of your well-organized thread cabinet!