March Goals Check-in

Spring has sprung!

In the past couple of days it’s been really quite warm, up in the high 80’s. The jasmine vines suddenly have a gazillion buds:


I was able to make 5 different proposals for Quilting Arts Gifts, hooray! (I haven’t even blogged them all yet). And my Easter Basket class didn’t have enough students signed up, so it was cancelled. And although I’ve got plenty of things to work on, my studio was a mess, and my thread – oh, my thread was in quite a state!


March Goals

QA Gifts Submissions March 15 100%
Messenger bag for Eleanor March ???   0%
Prep for Easter Basket class March 18   0%
Teaser page for online classes March 31   0%
Start work on mystery proposal March 31   0%
Start working on Dyeing 100 March 31    0%
New slipcovers, curtains, pillows in the Living Room March 31   90%
New thread storage March 17   0%
Custom iPad cover for Julie March 25   0%
Dye new scarf blanks April 10    0%
Prep for Summer classes at RSC May 1   10%

I’m going to be spending some quality time wrapping long tails of thread back onto their spools…you KNOW you envy me for that!!!!


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