One Moment | All County Honor Band

Another weekend, another Honor Group for Liam! This one was All County Honor Band, it was the smallest pool of schools that send kids to audition –  it’s really only made up of kids  from half of San Bernardino County high schools, there’s actually 2 SB County honor bands. (Random trivia: did you know that San Bernardino County is larger than each of the nine smallest US states, larger than the four smallest states combined, and larger than the nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Costa Rica? Thank you Wikipedia!)

Anyway…they rehearsed and performed right here in Redlands, so we didn’t have any crazy driving to do. Liam had a great time with this group, he’s more secure in his playing and had a fun loud, raunchy bit to play with a plunger mute in one of the pieces – these are the things that excite a trombonist! 🙂

Here’s that mute:


Here’s the group set up in Memorial Chapel at the University of Redlands:


They have this fun thing they do where they have all the kids stand up, and then ask them to remain standing as they count UP the number of years the kids have been in All County Honor Band. Liam has made it into this group every year since fourth grade, so this was year 7 for him, and about 5 other students:


My moment was realizing that he had only 2 more years of this group, and WOW how time has flown! Crazy! These honor bands were the first impetus for him to begin pursuing music seriously, and now as we contemplate the short list of top notch music schools he’d like to strive for, I am so very thankful for these groups that put like minded students together for a few days of high level music playing!

Here’s Liam after the concert, with Logan clowning around:


We ended up going out for ice cream at a la Minute, a great end to a good day!

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