January Goals Check-in

I like to do these check-ins on the 15th, but since it took me until the 10th to get these up, no surprise that the checkin is late!

January Goals

Finish new bag for me January 31 100%
Daisy Janie Block Hop January 15 100%
25 Custom index card holders for Kathi Feb 15 5%
Work on Adele’s new site January 31 10%
Bag for Mary seriously! Make it so! January 20ish 10%
Pitch classes to RSC January 31 100%
Paperwork for Winter classes at RSC January 15 100%
Prep for Summer classes at RSC May 1 0%
Start working on Dyeing 100 January 31 0%
New slipcovers, curtains, pillows in the Living Room January 31 90%

I’ve not made a lot of progress, but as I’m settling into the new semester where I’m teaching a new class I realize I’ve gotta cut myself some slack! I did get a couple of classes scheduled at the Redlands Sewing Center, fingers crossed enough students sign up for them that I get to teach them!

We had a real cold snap this week, with below freezing temps a few nights in the row. Our navel orange tree has some gorgeous oranges on it, I was worried they be ruined. But I tested one yesterday, it was juicy and delicious!





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