More Cuteness | My New Easter Basket!

If my stuffed owls weren’t cute enough, I’ve had an idea for an Easter basket for quite awhile. A modification of my nesting basket pattern, with a layer of Soft & Stable in the middle, this basket now has even more structure, enough to easily hold up the handle:

I’ll be teaching this as a single afternoon class at the Redlands Sewing Center on Monday, March 18, 2-5 pm (more info here).



I love the flower buttons…my friend Liz had these in her stash, I was so happy she could help me with my button emergency!


I had to make this sample and get it to the shop pronto so they could start promoting the class, so I didn’t have time to dye some eggs to take pictures, but of course we had plenty of plastic eggs! I plan on making a smaller and a larger basket as well, I’ll be sure to dye some eggs for that photo shoot!

I’m also going to be teaching my custom tablet/e-reader class at the Redlands Sewing Center in February as well, more info here. I really enjoyed teaching there last Fall, and  am really looking forward to these classes as well!

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