Chaise Slipcover Dyeing Complete!

I’ve been hard at working changing out the colors in my living room. I’m halfway through the biggest project, sewing a slipcover for my hubby’s favorite chair, but I did get my chaise slipcover dyed – I was quite worried as I had to come up with a color combination that would overdye the new tan slipcover I purchased – Ikea no longer makes this chaise, so I couldn’t buy a new white slipcover. :-( I found a tan cotton one on Ebay that was this color:

I am happy to report that the orange color that I dyed the slipcover combined really well with the tan, and it’s a lovely persimmon color. I had to snap a few pix to show you:

I low-water immersion dyed these, so it’s definitely got some mottling going on – which is what I wanted. The lighting was crazy, but I tried to get a couple pix of the curtains I dyed as well:

I’ll try to get some better pix when the whole room is done. A few years ago I published a tutorial on how to dye a slipcover at a blog that’s no longer on the internet – would anyone be interested in me re-publishing it here?

Once I get the chair slipcover done, I’ll be making pillows with this deelicious linen I dyed this weekend:

But first…the boys and I are off to San Diego for a day and a half – Hubby is there for a conference, so we’re going to join him for a quick getaway!

6 Responses

  1. Yes please, I would love you to repost how you dyed the slipcovers. I have a couple of chairs from Ikea and want to dye the covers for them.

  2. That slip cover turned out really well and the curtains look great. Hope you all have a wonderful time in San Diego.

    PS might be a good idea to keep the old slip cover to use as a pattern for the next one since it will be harder to get a new one in any colour by the time you’ll need one! I’m sure you’ve already thought of that! 😉