November Goals Check-in

I have not accomplished much on this month’s goals yet:

November Goals

Custom iPad Cover for Kathy P. November 10   100%
3 custom dyed skirts for 3 lovely ladies November 15   0%
2 more sets of Row Houses for Open Studio December 8   0%
2 Custom tie headbands November 30   0%
Itajime Pillows November 30   0%
Work on new Botanical Sketch motifs November 30   0%
Work on Adele’s new site November 30  10%
Bag for Mary – finally started! November 30  10%
Work on Kori’s Site November 30  90%
Get some hand dyed fabric for sale/convertible totes/headbands on the website! November 30  50%
More convertible totes November 30  0%
Start working on new dyeing class November 30  0%

Instead, I’ve got a re-decorating bee in my bonnet! My living room color scheme has been built around my hubby’s chair:

since we moved here over 8 years ago. I’ve been wanting to change it for a good year or two, as his beloved chair is getting very worn on the arms, but I haven’t had any strong feelings about which way I want to go with the colors, and since I’m going to be making the slipcover for the chair, I want to really love where I’m going with a new set of colors because making a slipcover is a Pain In The A$$! 🙂

I’ve also been wanting to buy and dye another slipcover for my Ikea chaise lounge:

because it’s Stirling’s favorite spot, so it tends to get dirty (I leave the blinds open on the bottom when we’re gone so he can sit there and watch the world go by). Because it IS a slipcover, it’s relatively easy to take off and wash, but because it’s from Ikea, the parts of the slipcover that don’t show are made from some really cheap fabric that gets stuck to the velcro whenever it is washed, this fabric is just about gone, so the next time I was the slipcover I wouldn’t be able to zip it back on.

Anyway, I’m loving my Autumn Splendor palette, and so decided that I needed to have the living room re-decorated for Thanksgiving. So, with all the running around I’ve been doing, I’ve been squeezing some dyeing in here and there, the curtains I dyed are done, I’ve got gold canvas dyed and ready for making the armchair slipcover this weekend, and the new chaise slipcover is in the washing machine as I write this! (Ugh – that’s been stressful! Ikea no longer makes this chaise with the arm, so I couldn’t buy a new white slipcover. 🙁 I found a tan cotton one on Ebay, and really fretted about how I could overdye that color to make it work with the Autumn Spendor colors. Fingers crossed, I think I did okay).

Part of me thinks I’m crazy for doing this now, but the other part of me could not let the idea go, and so I am just giving in to my need for new colors in the Living Room!

3 Responses

  1. Candy, this is a really nice space! Your color scheme sounds lovely…you are so creative and I believe that you will succeed in redecorating and be quite pleased with yourself! I have faith in you!…look forward to seeing the final results…

  2. I am taking the samevplunge on my tired guest room. We are going to build a platform bed and I’m going to dye white denim to cover the platform and headboard and for new valances. That should pretty much do my back in!