October Goals Check-in

With my October show over, I’ve got to check in with and update my goals. The tought thing about Art for Heaven’s Sake is that it goes from Friday night until Sunday at 5, I’m home by 6:30 or so, but my weekend is gone and it’s straight back to teaching! Yikes! I’ve got two full weekends before  my next show in early November. The most important thing on the list will be updating my scarf stock, I sold a whole bunch last weekend, so I’m totally out of some color palettes.

October Goals

Hand dyed fabric for Convertible Tote class October 10  100%
Dye scarves for Fall Shows October 12  100%
6 convertible totes for shows October 12  100%
Make Headbands for Fall Shows October 12  100%
Natalia blog tour post October 13  100%
Row Houses for Fall Shows October 12   33%
Botanical Sketch Pillows October 12   100%
Itajime Pillows October 12   0%
Modern Patchwork submission October 19   10%
Sew Mama Sew post October 20   10%
Scarves for Madrigals October 25   0%
Going Green Totes for Fall Shows October 31   0%
iPad and Kindle covers for Fall Shows October 31   0%
Dye more scarves for Fall Shows November 10  0%
Custom iPad Cover for Kathy P. November 3  0%
3 custom dyed skirts for 3 lovely ladies November 15  0%
Work on new Botanical Sketch motifs October 31   0%
Work on Adele’s new site October 31  10%
Bag for Mary – finally started! October 31  10%
Work on Kori’s Site October 31  40%
Get some hand dyed fabric for sale on the website! October 31  50%

I also got some custom orders at the show, I’ve got to remember about these (sometimes it’s so crazy busy that I can forget). Luckily I knew to tell them that it was going to be mid-November before I got to it!

Here’s what’s on my design wall right now, a new quilt in my Giverny series:


I’m trying to (quickly) decide which layout I like best so I can get it done!



6 Responses

  1. I love how you take such public accountability for your in-progress and planned doings! I bet it really helps spur you along!

  2. It’s really exciting to “be with you” in the design process. Love what you are doing with the Giverny series and eager to see some more of the quilting!