Art for Heaven’s Sake ’12 Show Report

Last week we had cold, rainy weather, but by Friday afternoon it was warming up! Andrew had another idea about how to put things in the booth – tie things that need to be hung high on the EZ-up BEFORE we put it all the way up! In retrospect it makes perfect sense, but we’ve never done this before! DOH!

Anyway, we got the booth set up:

 Friday night was busy, but not so busy that people were crowded in the booths. Saturday dawned and we had beautiful weather! The sky was a glorious blue!

Here’s the view around my booth:

One of the folks from the church had me dye some Radiance Cotton/Silk blend to make this lovely stole inspired by their stained glass window, Sharon, an incredible woman, took time out from her busy day to get all dressed up so I could see:

I dyed this skirt for Tamara last Spring, she came by to show me:

 isn’t she gorgeous???

And here’s Tricia, she fell in love the purple/teal convertible tote last year, her partner bought it for her as a Christmas present (I love being in on secrets!) She’s used it and loved it all year long, so when she saw the new ones I made in my Autumn Splendor palette, she was quick to have me “red dot” it (good thing, because 10 minutes later, somebody else fell in love with it too, but the red dot meant it was sold!)

This is the 6th year I’ve done this show – I love meeting up with happy customers!

Sunday brought more sun and higher temps, and the tree my tent was under was severely trimmed, so I had lots of sun. We moved things around a bit so that Andrew could rig up a beach umbrella to give me some shade. This helped some, but it still was plenty hot!

Overall, it was a very successful show – I’ve got some dyeing to do, after selling 47 scarves, I’m low or out of several color palettes!

8 Responses

  1. I seriously don’t know how you do it all! You are such an inspiration. Your booth looks fantastic and yay you for selling 47 scarves!

    1. Thanks Aimee! I’m lucky to have a balance of people in my booth at each show: some have bought them before and need to buy more, either as gifts that were a success, or for themselves, some say “I already have one of your scarves” and some are new folks. I shudder every time I buy $1000 worth of scarf blanks, but so far, they work out to be the saving grace of every show! 🙂

  2. Seeing pics of your booth really make me wish I could have been there. Had planned to attend and ended up being under the weather. Glad you did well.

  3. What a buzz meeting all those satisfied customers. I’m glad it went well for you even if you are going to have to dye up a storm to catch up!

  4. I love reading about your creative life and confess to feeling jealous about the glorious weather in your area. We had our first snow flurries on Saturday and the leaves are falling like rain. You would love the autumn colours in Quebec–I imagine an entirely new scarf line!